Bethany S. Whitfield;
Technical Writer, Editor, and Information Designer

A BA in Professional and Technical Writing has provided me with the ability to take otherwise complex information and transform it into a readable medium through information design – the art of constructing, deconstructing, and placing information in such a way that will increase understanding.

My goal is to be in a position where I am able to work with writers, editors, and graphic designers to assist in creating an understanding in the intended audiences to make a lasting difference on the community.

The Portfolio

The Standard Operating Procedure Manual

An example of my ability to coordinate, edit, author, and assemble policy and procedure manuals. View Full Document

The Feasibility Study

A document displaying experience editing technical proposals. View Full Document

The Survival Guide

An illustration of content creation and layout design for college students. View Full Document

The Technical Description

A user guide providing readers with information about a stand mixer and how each moving part operates. View Full Document

The Scholarly Summary

A volunteer piece summarizing a scholarly article on stress levels in service dogs. View Full Document